Stag og Hen Fest i Amsterdam!

✨​ Do you know what are “STAG and HEN PARTIES”?

So, Stag Parties and Hen Parties are special celebrations that mark the end of single life and the transition to married life. In these days, the activities chosen for the farewells vary according to the tastes of the groom and his friends.
There a lot of options, from trendy parties in bars, nightclubs and casinos, to outdoor activities such as paintball, climbing or short trips to adventure-focused destinations. Watching sports matches, relaxing in spas, holding drinks tastings and taking part in creative workshops are also popular options for both types of farewell.
Stag and Hen parties are good way of celebrating friendship, joy and the new phase that is beginning in the groom’s life. It’s a moment of unity and fraternization between the couple’s closest friends, who come together to toast the couple’s happiness and wish them all the best in their new life together.

Take a look at some common activities at a Hen or Stag Party!

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✨ And Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has recently become a popular destination for stag and hen parties, and for many factors!
Let us tell you why this vibrant city in the Netherlands is a magnet for these celebratory send-offs.

💎​ Firstly,
Amsterdam boasts a thriving nightlife scene.
From world-famous dance clubs to cozy pubs with live music, there’s something for every taste.
Stag and hen parties can easily find themselves hopping between energetic dance floors, enjoying themed bars, or simply relaxing with a drink and catching up with friends.

🛥️​ Secondly,
Amsterdam offers a wide range of activities beyond just nightlife.
Groups can embark on canal cruises, explore the city’s rich history and museums, or even rent bikes and explore the charming canals and neighborhoods at their own pace.
This variety ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether they crave adventure or a more relaxed experience.

🎈​ Thirdly,
Amsterdam is known for its welcoming and tolerant atmosphere.
The city embraces diversity and provides a comfortable environment for groups of friends to celebrate freely.
This inclusive atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for stag and hen parties looking to let loose and have a good time without judgment.

💡 Finally,
Amsterdam is a well-connected city with easy access from many European countries.
This makes it a convenient choice for groups planning a weekend getaway to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

Of course, with its vibrant nightlife, diverse activities, welcoming atmosphere, and easy
accessibility, Amsterdam ticks all the boxes for an unforgettable Stag and Hen Party Amsterdam experience!

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Cool Things to Do in your
Stag or Hen Do in Amsterdam:

1. Boat in the Canals ​🚤​  

Explore Amsterdam’s canals! In addition to being beautiful, the canals portray the pulsating life of the city!
Navigating these roads will give you a different perspective of the city.
Rent a boat or cruise with your friends and have an unforgettable day!

2. Try going to a Cannabica Coffee Shop 🍁​

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam represent much more than it seems!
It is a cultural characteristic of the current city that very well represents the more open views of Dutch society! I
n addition to recreational reasons, the tour can become very cultural and educational!

Ah, coffeeshops are usually located in artistic and fun environments!
Get to know this face of Amsterdam too, you will definitely love it!

3. Adventures ​🚴🏻‍♂️​

Have fun! In Amsterdam there are many activities for your Stag or Hen Do!
You and your friends can do anything from competitive Karting to a relaxing (or not) ride on the canal boats!
Beer biking, Pub Crawls, various Parties, Escape Rooms…
These are some of the countless activities you can do!
Take a look at them all!