Hen Party Amsterdam

Forget the tiaras, your HEN Party Amsterdam will demand great and unforgettable moments! Amsterdam has the perfect mix of a good night out and an incredible cultural agenda! As well as beautiful scenery and some canal adventures! Here you’ll find the amusement park to say goodbye to single (or engaged) life, relaxation, adventure and unforgettable memories to live with your best friends.
It’s already a special time and to round it off we’ve put together a great list of activities and shows to make sure your days don’t go by in vain! Check out our activities HERE.

✨​ But let’s get to the facts about why Hen Party Amsterdam might be the best option for you?

Firstly, the unique lifestyle of the locals! Between bikes, naughty muffins and lots of canals, you’re sure to fall in love with the city! Not to mention the wide range of parties, restaurants, tastes and flavors you can choose from!

Another very important point: Amsterdam has countless cultural delights, such as historical museums, fine arts and everything in between! Amsterdam has incredible sights and every walk in the city will become a great pleasure for you and your friends. Amsterdam has too lovely parks, incredible views, nightlife and gardens to discover! Who doesn’t like that? Here you and your friends will have plenty of opportunities to experience and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the city!

For those coming from afar, the city is really welcoming, totally walkable, with easy connections by metro, bus and plane.

Just enjoy the adventure in one of the most popular
cities in the world!
Hen Party Amsterdam!

Fun times at the Boat Party we offer at Fliparas.

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Friend of the bride having fun with Fliparas.

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Good weather and good swimming pools, everything you need.


1. Blooming with Tulips

Have you ever imagined you and your friends living a day among more than 7 million flowers? With the most beautiful photos, friendship blossoming, where everything seems like a fairy tale! This is all what can happen in Keukenhof Gardens! Keukenhof isn’t merely a garden; it’s a realm of wonder and joy, perfectly crafted for those moments you wish could last forever. As you step into this floral paradise, you’re not just moving from single to wife; you’re embarking on a magical journey, marking the beginning of a new chapter in life with laughter, love, and a splash of color. Com certeza um lugar incrível para voce descobrir com suas pessoas e marcar de uma maneira alegre e magica essa nova fase! De solteira para esposa!


2. Coffee Shop Culture

Discover the vibe of coffeeshops in the best style in Amsterdam! Enjoying the party atmosphere, the excitement of your friends and the cool vibe of Amsterdam can be incredible! With coffeeshops that go far beyond products, but rather about cultural and social discovery! Learn more about the history and legality in Amsterdam (Note: remember that recreational use is legal but there are some regulations to check!)

3. Open-minded and Welcoming

The Amsterdam community is amazing! With the mix of cultures, stimulated creativity and tolerance, the city offers a friendly environment for tourists! The residents will be eager to show you the city and a large number of people from other countries will be part of your daily life, making everything more interesting! The vibrant life of Amsterdam awaits you, mixing urban energy with lots of nature and friendly people! You will love it! Start sentences in English, finish them in Spanish! This is what everyday life will be like in Amsterdam!

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4. Beautiful Canals 

Amsterdam’s canals are enchanting! Imagine you and your friends waking up to the sound of the water lapping and the smell of coffee in the canal streets! With their relaxing pace, connection to nature and lots of festivals and active social life, Amsterdam’s canals will enchant you! In addition, there are floating markets along the canals, with colors, aromas and flavors! Perfect weather to end a night of partying and relax a bit! Or maybe discover even more parties here…

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