Stag Party Marbella

Ready to have an epic Stag party?
Then Stag party Marbella is also ready for you and your friends!
Marbella buzzes with joy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, combining its stunning nature with its lively and interesting nightlife, creating a unique atmosphere to make it the city of choice for your celebration!
Here you can say goodbye to your single life (and maybe start celebrating your wedding night? Hehe) in style, with all the people you want to be around at that moment!
We at Fliparas know how important and unique this moment is in our clients’ lives! With this knowledge, we thought of the best cities for you to experience it and Marbella is one of them! Combining the beauty of Marbella with our incredible activities, there’s no doubt: you’ll have the time of your life! See more of our activities HERE!

✨ Immerse yourself in Marbella and discover why it
could be your favorite destination for those special days! ✨

Your Stag Party Marbella will be unforgettable!
With bars, parties and places perfect for enjoying the coastal climate, it’s easy to get into the mood to enjoy
every day as if it were your last!Β Its climate favors the encounter, golden beaches, warm and crystal clear waters!
Sun lovers, come here!

Marbella’s picturesque coastline won’t leave you indifferent! Good places bring out good emotions!Β 

Create memories in Marbella and prepare to be forever in love with this city!

Laughter, friends, events, sea, sun!

What more does a guy need? You name it, we’ll find it!

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Fun times with your friends.

Stag Party Amsterdam - Trio 2

Adventure and different activities.

Stag Party Amsterdam - Trio 3

Lots of bars and parties for you to discover.


1. Ditch the Dress Code, Embrace the Fiesta!

This is the perfect place for you to forget some rules! Let yourself go, discover yourself, have a drink on the beach and celebrate this new phase with your friends! Get to know Marbella’s electrifying nightlife and enjoy the eye candy that this city is! You and your loved ones are sure to have a great time and have the time of your lives when you say goodbye! Uhul!
Marbella offers you the perfect balance, days of walking and historical discoveries and nights that infect you and create the most beautiful memories!

2. Budget-Friendly

In addition to Marbella’s incredible beaches and atmosphere, it can also be recognized for being an affordable destination compared to other destinations in Europe! 
Affordable accommodation, free snacks and free outdoor entertainment are often on offer during Marbella days! Financially conscious guys are happy with this tip, right? Take the opportunity to enjoy this little piece of heaven in Spain on your Stag Party Marbella!

3. Non-stop Partying

Marbella’s nightlife is famous for a few reasons! Known as a party paradise, its nights have a contagious energy, a seaside atmosphere to make everyone happy and be the perfect bachelorette party! Numerous clubs, bars and live music make the whole place exciting and happy! Perfect for having fun with friends and with plenty of options to choose from! Marbella caters for all tastes! Tell us yours and we’ll tell you the best options! Your days in Marbella will be remembered forever for all the laughter, fun and iconic moments!Β 
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