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STAG Party is the name given to a bachelor party in North America. The meaning is the same: an unforgettable party for a man and his friends to enjoy his last days as a bachelor! The event changes according to the tastes of the participants! It can be an adventure party, a barbecue and a beach, a party with entertainment… Whatever the groom wants! Depending on cultures and tastes, plans can change! But there will always be brotherhood, partnership and celebration of the new phase!

The Hen Party is what the bachelorette party is known as in North America. A party for the bride to enjoy her last days as a single woman, with her friends and loved ones. Filled with laughter and adventure, hen parties can vary in taste (luxurious brides, relaxed brides, adventurous brides…) and in the end, each bride will have a party of her own! The activities are designed for the bride and her friends to have the best time, to celebrate friendship, love and the future!

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